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Osowaws Pride Of Patty

2012 Snow Cap Appaloosa mare
AMHA/AMHR and Falabella Blend Registered

Sire: Mystique Feathers Soaring Spirit
Dam: CCMF Enchanted Charm

Breeding Lines: Jim Dandy, Yellow Diamond Little Feather, Hidden Meadows Missing Link, Lucky Four Links Goldstrike, Menelek, Francisco Of Kilverstone
in foal for 2018 to Oak Parks Worthy of NV
SOLD to Opal Woods Farm in PA.
Zephyr Woods Floating On Air 

2010 Black Mare
AMHA/AMHR registered

Sire: Buckeye WCF Dance All Night
Dam: Satans First Class Lass

Breeding lines: Flying W Farms Wardance, Flying W Farm Masterpiece, Flying W Farm Sundance, Flying W Farm Little Blue Boy, Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King, Sligo Sam, Rowdy, Komokos
in foal for 2018 to Kakos Ghost Wolf Dancer
LPF Blue Eagle's Lil Ravin Beauty

2011 AMHR mare
Black snowcap appaloosa
Color tested
LP/LP n/Patn1
Ee/nn for silver/gg for gray

Sire: Komokos Blue Eagle
Dam: LHR Sizzler's Bay Beauty

In foal to Kohlmans Apache Eagle for 2018
Ridgerunners Kewpie Doll

RIP 2011 to-8-24-2017